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Maravillosa Herbal Tincture



 Maravillosa is an herbal antiseptic and healing product that has been used and sold in Latin America for decades with spectacular results.  It is highly valued for its healing properties and utilized in many hospitals including the state run ISSSTE throughout Mexico.

Maravillosa was the creation of a Naturopathic doctor who became very well known for his “magic lotion” due to its spectacular healing properties.  He guarded the recipe very carefully and passed it on before his death to a nun who was also a Naturopath who continued making and distributing the product.   Before her death she revealed the ingredient formula to her great-nephew who is also founder of Barbequia Living and so, the healing legend lives on.

Maravillosa has botanical ingredients that work synergistically and are proven to speed up healing in a broad spectrum of topical applications. The healing properties of all of the ingredients are very well documented and respected in all branches of medicine.

The botanical extract formulation is blended with colloidal silver solution for an unsurpassed tincture that is guaranteed to speed up healing of cuts, abrasions, burns, bruises, sprains, cankers, clear up acne, soothe and reduce inflammation of irritated skin including rashes, hives, insect bites, razor burn, and hemorrhoids.

Maravillosa has also been used for bruising, swollen joints, eczema, poison ivy, cold sores and as a mouth wash and gargle for sore throat, mouth sores and bleeding gums.

Safety Data and Use:

For external use only.

Apply topically as needed full strength. 

May also be applied full strength as a compress for sub-dermal conditions.

Dilution to 50% (1 part Maravillosa to 1 part distilled water) is recommended for application to hemorrhoidal tissue.  Apply with cotton and hold on – even diluted its bound to sting like hell for a bit but it will sooth and heal in the end (pun intended).

In all cases (except oral applications), apply liberally and allow to dry.

Dilute 50% for mouthwash. Swish and or gargle for 30 seconds and spit.  Do not ingest.

For more information on our Maravillosa Herbal Tincture, visit our Maravillosa web site at www.maravillosa.barbequia.com


Our Maravillosa Herbal Antiseptic Tincture is available for spiritual and holistic applications and is our gift to you with a tax deductible donation as follows:

4 oz.     $ 5.00  

16 oz.   $ 15.00 

32 oz.   $ 25.00 

Maravillosa 4 oz
Maravillosa 16 oz
Maravillosa 32 oz

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