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All Natural Deodorant


Our All Natural Deodorant is just that – an all natural underarm deodorant that ACTUALLY WORKS!  It eliminates odor while still allowing the body to maintain a natural, healthy and needed level of perspiration without harmful, toxic chemicals.

Body odor is caused by bacteria that feed on protein, carbohydrates, and lipids contained in our sweat – not by the sweat itself.   We have formulated an underarm deodorant that creates an environment that bacteria can NOT grow in. 

·         100% natural food-grade organic ingredients

All of our ingredients are certified organic or sustainably wild crafted and of the highest food-grade quality.

·         Absolutely NO Aluminum or Parabens

There are many studies including A 1993 World Health Organization "Public Health Report" that link aluminum and commercial deodorants to Alzheimer’s disease.  Aluminium chlorohydrate and aluminium zirconium tetrachlorohydrate gly are the most frequent active ingredients in commercial deodorants.

Parabens are chemical compounds widely used in commercial cosmetics that have been linked to cancer and found in high concentration in breast cancer tumors.

·         No unneeded fillers or emollients – just active ingredients - so you use less

Every ingredient in our All Natural Deodorant has a purpose that is related directly and actively to the elimination of bacteria to eliminate odor.  We do not add anything that is purely cosmetic, and the oils we use are naturally antibacterial.  This means you use less – a little bit goes a long way.


Safety Data and Use:

Non-toxic, considered safe for topical applications.  If irritation occurs lasting more than 3 hours, stop use immediately.  As with all natural supplements, use your intuition and experience in its application – a little bit goes a very long way.

Because it is natural, it can be safely applied to any external area of the body to reduce perspiration related odor. (underarms, groin, feet, etc.)


Our All Natural Deodorant is available for spiritual and holistic applications and is our gift to you with a tax deductible donation as follows:

1 oz Tin                       $ 5.00

2 oz Tin                       $ 8.00

 4 oz Tin                      $15.00

2.5 oz Twist up    $10.00

1 oz Round Tin
2 oz Round Tin
4oz Round Tin

2.5 oz Twist up

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