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Colloidal Silver Solution


99.99% Pure Silver 10ppm min. Guaranteed


Colloidal silver is a completely natural, liquid mineral supplement made from 99.99% pure silver having well documented antibacterial, antiviral and healing properties.

Silver has been used as an antibiotic for thousands of years and is used in allopathic medicine today to speed the healing process, prevent and treat bacterial, viral as well as fungal infections.

Our colloidal silver is crafted using nothing but distilled water and pure silver with current-limiting technology that ensures a wide size range of bio-available silver particles without allowing particles size to exceed .05 microns.

We do NOT use any proteins, salts or other substances to accelerate the ionic process resulting in a completely safe solution with NO side effects whatsoever.

Safety Data and Use:

Non-toxic and considered safe for internal and external applications.

Use to aid the body in healing cuts, burns, sores, bacterial infections, viral infections including the flu, athletes foot, ringworm and other fungal infections.

Use sublingually on a daily basis to promote health and strengthen resistance against illness and pathogens.

For more information and clinical studies on Colloidal Silver, visit our Colloidal Silver website at www.cs.barbequia.com


Our Colloidal Silver Solution is available for spiritual and holistic applications and is our gift to you with a tax deductible donation as follows:

   8 oz Bottle                    $ 5.00 

16 oz Bottle                    $ 10.00

32 oz Bottle                    $ 15.00 

1 Gallon Jug                   $ 50.00    Email to order and for shipping quote.

Colloidal Silver 8 oz.
Colloidal Silver 16 oz.
Colloidal Silver 32 oz.

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